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Allbits Plumbing Supplies (New Romney) Ltd - Privacy Notice

Our position as a trusted supplier means we have access to a range of personal data which we treat confidentially and securely. This notice explains how we use the information you provide, your rights in the matter and how to exercise them.

Allbits Plumbing Supplies (New Romney) Ltd -

Provides Plumbing and bathroom Supplies to persons wishing to purchase such goods.

Collection and processing of personal data -

We collect data that allows us to give a delivery service to such businesses and individuals that enables them to receive goods that have been ordered in a speedy and reliable way.

We will initially need contact details e.g. name, address, telephone number and preferred email addresses, to enable us to communicate effectively with you about goods ordered. We may also need to occasionally pass some of these details to carrier services that it may be necessary to use for delivery of the goods.

No personal or business information is used to send any information about products or services that are not under the direct control of Allbits Plumbing Supplies (New Romney) Ltd or that are not relevant to your business.

If appropriate, we may also need to collect details necessary for the processing of payments, bank accounts details and company and staff contacts. We do not retain any credit or debit card payment details.

Data Protection and GDPR -

We can collect or use your personal information if the reason to do so meets certain conditions. The reasons may vary depending on circumstances but the lawful bases we reply on are:

For performance of contract - our agreement to effect and maintain the supply of goods and services to you means we must continue to use and update information held.

Legal obligation - We are required to perform certain checks in relation to your identity for payments and credits and to check on business details such as company directors and financial suitability for credit account facilities.

We will always rely on your personal consent to use personal data for any marketing or sales purposes.

Sharing your information -

We will only share your information for the purposes of direct deliveries to your business with the manufacturers we place orders with or carriers we use for deliveries. Therefore, this information sharing is legitimate to your business and will not be passed on to others.

Retaining your data -

Only business names, addresses, contact details and relevant personnel name who are directly in regular contact with us will be retained for a period of seven years after the last order placed and delivered.

This information will not be passed on to any third party at any time without your direct consent. Neither will it be used for any purposes other than those directly related to your business dealings with Allbits Plumbing Supplies (New Romney) Ltd.

Rights relating to your data -

Subject Access Request - allows you to request details of any personal information we hold. A copy of the information must be provided in a 'portable' electronic format.

Deletion Request - where it is believed that the data held is no longer required.

Correction Request - where is it believed data held is incorrect or needs amending.

Restriction of Use Request - where such request is reasonable and does not conflict with any of the lawful bases upon which personal data is held.

Withdrawal of consent - where consent has previously been given to receive marketing communications.

System for Requests - requests will be dealt with promptly and as fully as possible. We may need to make contact to better understand the reasons for the request or to help us respond more comprehensively.

Contact for Requests - can be made at the address or by using the contact details shown on this document.

Allbits Plumbing Supplies (Romney) Ltd
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Cinque Ports Road
New Romney
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Tel: 01797 363623