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Civil and Drainage Products

With a dedicated team based at our sales office we can offer a wealth of advice and products to meet all your requirements, whether you are a Ground worker, Civil Contractor, House Builder, Local Authority or General Builder, we can supply your Civil & Drainage requirements.


Manhole Covers & Frames

Through our network of supply manufacturers we offer a comprehensive range of products that are engineered to include standard and optional features that help to improve durability, operator safety, asset security and performance. Manhole covers and frames are used to prevent anyone or anything from falling into the manhole. We can provide manhole covers, frames and gully gratings, with features that are designed to make them durable, safe and easy to install. Locations of where you place your manhole covers has a huge impact on the type of manhole cover required. The appropriate class of manhole cover or gully grate required depends on the place of installation. The various places of installation have been divided into groups numbered 1-6


Areas which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cyclists.


Footways, pedestrians areas and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks.


For gully tops installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads when measured from the kerb edge extend a maximum of 0.50m into the carriageway and a maximum of 0.2m into the footway.


Carriageway/roads-Including pedestrian streets-Hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles.


Areas imposing high wheel loads e.g. docks


Areas imposing particularly high wheel loads e.g. aircraft pavements

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

For full Environmental Agency guidance on current General Binding Rules see:

General Binding Rules: small sewage discharge to a surface water

Rules for existing and new treatment systems

Use the correct treatment system

You must use a small sewage treatment plant to treat the sewage if you're discharging to a surface water such as a river or stream. A small sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) uses mechanical parts to treat the liquid so it's clean enough to go into a river or stream.

Discharges from septic tanks directly to a surface water are not allowed under the general binding rules.

If you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system by 1 January 2020. Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to surface water are sold before 1 January 2020, responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing treatment system should be addressed between the buyer and seller as a condition of sale.

If the Environment Agency finds evidence that your septic tank discharging to a surface water is causing pollution, you will need to replace or upgrade your system earlier than 1 January 2020. You will usually have to do this within 1 year, although this will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Choosing the right sewage treatment and disposal method for your site is essential to ensure effective long term performance, protection of the public health and the environment, and compliance with relevant legislation.

If you do not have access to a main sewer then you would require either a septic tank arrangement that would require sufficient land space for drainage run off to field. If you have access to a water course then a suitably sized sewage treatment plant would be suitable. Failing this then you may have an option to fit a Cesspool.

If you require further guidance on your best option then contact our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering

Septic Tanks

(Euro or horizontal shape available)

2800Ltr (up to 4 users)
3800Ltr (up to 10 users)
4500Ltr (up to 15 users)

Ensign Sewage Treatment Units

Shallow units also available

4,6,8,10,12 Pop Ensign Treatment units
(Larger tanks are available if required)

(For domestic applications a minimum capacity 18000 litres)

Pump Stations

When a discharge to sewer mains is required, but to do so by gravity is impractical, a pump chamber system will be needed. Pump station systems are usually bespoke. And can be supplied with single or twin pump arrangement. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Grease Traps

A range of grease traps are available effectively prevents Fats, Oils and Grease from entering the drainage network or sewage treatment plants. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Oil Separators

Oil separators are designed to prevent oil and other hydrocarbons from entering the drainage system. They separate oil from water, and safely retain the oil until it is removed, separators should be used in such applications as petrol stations, industrial yards and garages. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Bypass Separators

Bypass separators are used in low risk environments where there is no requirements to provide full treatment for the flow, for example a car park where the risk of spillage is small. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Full Retention Separators

Full retention separators are used where there may be a high risk of a fuel spillage, such as vehicle workshops. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Alarm Systems

For oil separators, wash down units and silt traps, early warning of excessive level of oil, liquid or silt, or when the unit requires emptying. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Water Management

Water management is extremely important. With ever increasing developments and hard landscaping within our cities less water is able to naturally filter through the soil which increases the risk of flooding. Planning will now often dictate that an efficient water management system is designed into the project.

These may include the use of Storm water Crates, in ground or above ground rainwater harvesting systems, and the use of permeable paving. Many of these systems will also enable harvested water to be used within the building improving the Sustainability of the project as well as long term savings on Water bills. The manufacturers are also willing to provide more detailed information on your build specification. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Geotextiles & Ground Stabilisation

We are stockists of woven and non-woven geotextile membrane, specified by marine engineers and civil engineers.

The purpose of these products is to drain, separate, stabilise, filter and protect.

These membranes are suitable for use beneath unpaved and paved roads, landfill, and car parks. We can supply a range of geotextile and grid systems, and can advise you on solutions from ground stabilisation, reinforcement and erosion control. Please phone our sales office to guide you through the process prior to ordering.

Underground and aboveground drainage plastics

We hold a wide range of 110mm plastic underground and above ground drainage products including domestic rainwater systems also we can supply a range of Plastic Cast iron style ideal for heritage buildings, Please phone our sales office for guidance if required, prior to ordering.

Twin wall High density polyethylene

150/225/300/450/600mm Sizes available in 6mtr lengths, ideal for agricultural culvert farmers gate entrances to fields and improving drainage Investment in maintaining an effective under-drainage system will increase yields and can aid timeliness of operations "A good drainage system enables soil to dry out more quickly at the start of the season, so aids timeliness of operations and because soils are kept drier for longer, there is less damage and the soil structure is protected."

Pinpointing problems with drainage is best done in wet conditions, as wet patches will usually indicate a problem area.

Land drainage coil

Sizes available 60/80/100/160mm x 25/50/100/150/35mtr

Our Land drainage coil range is specifically designed to aid in the successful management of land water. It offers significant improvements in areas where poor drainage negatively affects ground quality. Examples include agricultural applications requiring enhanced soil conservation or crop production capabilities and also sports and leisure projects that are struggling with waterlogged sections of pitch or turf. Please phone our sales office for guidance if required, prior to ordering.

Cable protection pipe work/utilities/lighting

Sizes available 40/50/63/75/90/110/160mm x 25/50mtr coils

Twin wall cable protection, is manufactured from polyethylene with excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures. It has exceptional durability with flexibility which eliminates the need for special bends. With a smooth bore, has a low co-efficient of friction for ease of cable installation available for power, motorway communications, lighting and utilities applications in 25m and 50m coils.

Medium density polyethylene PE80

Sizes available 20/25/32/50/63mm x 25/50/100/150mtr rolls

Water service pipe work in blue and black coils in 8/12bar rating

PE100 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe

For potable water above ground, pumped & pressurised gravity sewer systems and hydroelectricity applications.

Manufactured from conventional PE100 (HDPE) material, solid wall polyethylene black pipes are ideal for potable and non-potable water applications, specifically for pumped and gravity sewer and hydroelectricity purposes. manufactured bespoke diameters up to 1200mm as well as non-standard lengths and SDRs, polyethylene pipes are ideal for use in pipe rehabilitation projects, as a liner for damaged metallic pipelines. Strong, lightweight and flexible, pipes can be joined together using standard electro fusion or butt-fusion jointing techniques.