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Geotextiles and their functions

Covertex woven ground cover (100mtr x 1.05mtr), (100mtr x 1.38mtr), (100mtr 1.65mtr), (100mtr x 2.07mtr), (100mtr x 2.57mtr), (100mtr x 3.30mtr), (100mtr x 4.15mtr) and (100mtr x 5.15mtr). Woven Geotextiles (100mtr x 4.5mtr) and (11.1mtr x 4.5mtr). Hy-Pave Porous Cellure paver's ideal for car or coach parking in grassed or gravel areas.

Separate layers of materials and keep them from sinking or disintegrating into each other. Drain areas where water pools while keeping soil in place. Serve as effective filters, catching some materials to prevent drains from clogging. Reinforce earthen structures like drains and dikes by holding layers in place. Protect and guard against erosion in places like roads and beaches.

Hy-Tex pro-Tex dewatering sock, Hy-Tex Ultra dewatering bags (0.91 x 1.22mtr) (1.80 x 1.80mtr) (3.05 x 4.55mtr) also sediment entrapment mats 1.2 x 3mtr and terra stop silt fence plus ultra guard.